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As the calendar turns to New Year 2015, what resolutions should you make to get healthier and happier in the next 12 months? Here is what I recommend to my patients, family and friends.

Get health insurance. This is sometimes easier than before implementation of the Accountable Care Act since pre-existing condition requirements have ended, more children are covered by insurance, many states have expanded Medicaid eligibility, and federal subsidies have made insurance affordable for economically challenged lower income individuals. However, deductibles are higher, costs of insurance for middle and higher income individuals have risen, and the number of participating physicians within insurer networks has decreased. But remember, having any health insurance, even the most basic plan, gives you discounts which reduce how much you will have to pay hospitals, laboratories, imaging centers and physicians. My tip: Contact a health insurance agent (or your employer’s human resources department) to be sure you choose a plan that is right for you.

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