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INVESTMENT Five new year’s financial resolutions and how to keep them.We all make resolutions in the excitement of a New Year, full of vigour and determination. Unfortunately, they can often fade as the demands and responsibilities of another year wears on. This year though, we can help you make some financial resolutions which are achievable, …


Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions, and our responses that Nicola Jones Insurance gets from new and existing clients;   Do I really need risk insurance? Health Insurance: Although it may seem easy to adopt a standpoint of ‘it won’t happen to me’ as it relates to insurance, it is an unfortunate statistical fact that …


See Tomorrow’s plan on Paul Henry

When it comes to money, many of us like to have things that are useful and valuable; a nice car to get around in, a home in a good street, a large TV to watch the game on or the latest smartphone and tablet… the list goes on. We also see the value in protecting …


A Snapshot of Insurance Claims…

Here are some facts around claims and policies which may help you navigating the tricky waters of insurance: 1. 16% of Life Insurance claims are paid out early for Terminal Illness. Some may be unaware that your life insurance can be paid out before the policy holder’s death in the event that they are diagnosed …


Tragic tale sparked trauma insurance

TRAUMA INSURANCE: Designed to relieve the financial hardship that can come with a big health shock. South African surgeon Marius Barnard went down in history as part of the team, led by his brother Christiaan, which performed the first human heart transplant operation in 1967. But he was also the creator of a kind of …


How to Limit the Cost of Health and Income Insurance

                      All New Zealanders want their families and financial health to be protected when their physical health lets them down. New Zealand enjoys an outstanding public health system, supported by ACC, but these schemes do have limitations. As the public system tries to cope with …


Countdown Till ‘Dr Tom On A Mission’

Countdown Till ‘Dr Tom On A Mission’ Dr Tom Mulholland is coming to Takapuna to speak at an event sponsored by Nicola Jones Insurance.  If you’ve connected with Nicola Jones Insurance on Facebook, or if you’ve taken a look on the front page of this website, you’ll see that on November 6th, Nicola Jones will be hosting Radio …