Our Services

Nicola Jones Financial Services have built up a detailed understanding of all the life, health and risk insurance policies available and the subtle differences between the offerings of each insurance company.  It’s the quality of our advice that makes us stand out from the rest.

The services we provide will depend solely on your needs.  We generally follow a standard process with every new client, as recommended by the Institute of Financial Advisers.  We will:

  • Arrange an initial meeting so we can understand what is important to you and discuss your needs, goals and expectations.
  • Analyse and evaluate your financial position, cash and debt management, and your personal and business insurance needs.
  • Develop and present our written advice, ensuring you have all the facts to make an informed decision.  We do the shopping around for you to get the optimum value insurance and quality cover at competitive prices.
  • Upon your approval, oversee the implementation of the plan.
  • Monitor and regularly review your plan on an ongoing basis.  We maintain a close ongoing relationship with you, regularly reviewing progress and working with you over time to ensure your goals are met.  Your insurance cover shouldn’t remain static over the years.  As you progress through life’s different stages, your needs will change.

The end result is custom-made, insurance cover that truly matches your needs.

When it comes to making insurance claims, we guide you through the process so you receive compensation quickly and easily.  We are proactive and tireless when it comes to following up claims with insurance companies – making sure they are addressed quickly and efficiently to avoid any additional stress for you, your family or your business.

Our commitment to you is clear.  We work for you, not the insurers, to provide peace of mind in every circumstance.