Insurance – Another Way To Be Proactive About Your Health


Running from Health Insurance Expenses OnePath recently published the following article about health and trauma insurance.

Being proactive about your health isn’t just about staying healthy and having regular check-ups.  Unfortunately illnesses such as breast or prostate cancer can strike anyone at any age, regardless of their lifestyle – and when it does, it pays to be protected.

Having the right insurance in place means that you will have funds available to make the best choices for your health if the unexpected happens.

If you already have Major Medical Cover or Trauma Cover, read on to find out how these benefits will work for you in your time of need.

Major Medical Cover provides funds for access to a private hospital and the treatment you need.  It allows you to bypass the public hospital waiting list and it covers the cost of expensive surgery and treatments like prostate removal, mastectomy and reconstruction and radiation therapy.

Trauma Cover pays a lump sum in the event of a trauma condition such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.  It also includes special cover for low-grade gender-specific cancers like breast and prostate cancer.  You decide how you spend the lump sum payment – whether it is to cover medical costs and treatment, subsidise a lost income, pay for alterations, rehabilitation and home help, paying off the mortgage or going on a holiday.

Here’s how Major Medical Cover and Trauma Cover have helped two people recently:

Female aged 37 – Total Claim Paid $164,917

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer*

Major Medical covered:

Specialist $4,117

Radiology $3,021

Surgeon $42,900

Hospital $42,747

Anaesthetist $12,369

Radiation Therapy $33,015

Trauma Cover paid:

Lump Sum $26,748

Male aged 60 – Total Claim Paid $28,401

Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer**

Major Medical covered:

Specialist $607

Biopsy $795

Oncologist $490

Brachytherapy $26,509

*New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, April 2011

**Movember New Zealand – Men’s Health, 2012