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Insurance – Another Way To Be Proactive About Your Health

 OnePath recently published the following article about health and trauma insurance. Being proactive about your health isn’t just about staying healthy and having regular check-ups.  Unfortunately illnesses such as breast or prostate cancer can strike anyone at any age, regardless of their lifestyle – and when it does, it pays to be protected.


Do I Need Health Insurance?

Why do I need Health Insurance?  Here we answer 9 commonly asked questions.   1. Do I Really Need Insurance? Although it may be easy to adopt an attitude of ‘it won’t happen to me’, it is a statistical fact that you will require hospitalisation or surgery at some point in your life – in some cases …


Kate’s Story – Health insurance with critical illness cover

Kate worked as a legal secretary at an Auckland law firm. In August 2009 she had tests carried out by her doctor as she had not been feeling right for a while. The tests indicated that Kate had ovarian cancer. Surgery followed, leaving Kate unable to work for six weeks. Kate had critical illness insurance …


David’s Story – Critical illness and Income protection

It seemed to be a day like any other. A busy senior partner in a successful legal firm, David, 45 years of age, thought he was in pretty good shape. However, in December 2010, after some unexplained weight loss, David went to have a check-up with his Doctor. After further tests in January 2011, it …