Kate’s Story – Health insurance with critical illness cover


Kate worked as a legal secretary at an Auckland law firm. In August 2009 she had tests carried out by her doctor as she had not been feeling right for a while. The tests indicated that Kate had ovarian cancer. Surgery followed, leaving Kate unable to work for six weeks.

Kate had critical illness insurance and health insurance as part of her Risk Protection Plan. A claim was made through her financial adviser and she promptly received a lump sum of $100,000. Having access to this lump sum ensured Kate was worry free and able to concentrate on getting well.

Her doctor advised her that she would need follow-up chemotherapy and recommended a specialist cocktail of drugs that were more suited to her circumstances. Her health insurance covered all of her chemotherapy costs and she did not have to wait to begin treatment.

Kate is currently in good health and having regular check-ups to ensure that she remains that way!

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